Whether you are …


A Farmer

keen on selling your produce directly in farmers market and interested in natural farming practice


A Customer

wanting to buy farmers market produce and get a first-hand experience of how we grow your food


A Volunteer

interested in supporting farmers market to create healthy community and help rural development


An Community/ NGO

promoting farmers market, sustainable farming and natural living. Building healthy community.

Contact Information

Contact Number : +91-9008005521 ,  +91-9481459327

Email – ID :  abhayfarm.bgl@gmail.com gs.sachin@gmail.com  (or) bhatvee@gmail.com

Operating Hours : Saturday to Thursday, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (IST)

Closed On Friday

Our Customer Service Team is available via Email or WhatsApp. 

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    We invite you to participate in our journey, share our experiences, provide your valuable insights and help us improve.Let us work together to once again make farming viable to the farmer and sustainable in nature; and its produce pure, healthy and affordable to customers.