Our success and history.

We wish to promote those who adopt the most natural methods of farming OR chemical free


Welcome to Abhay Farm, it is located in Kudineerumuddanahalli / Rathanapuri village, near Hunsur, Mysore district. which is 190 km from Bangalore. We are growing 37+ rare variety of fruits and vegetables in our farm along with grains, pulses and plantation crops. In the spirit of giving our consumers the freshest produce possible, we are committed to delivering our products as natural as possible – from our farm to you – on the same or next day as harvest majority of the time.

Ecology can survive without economics but economics can’t survive without ecology. We follow natural farming methods to grow organic fruits and vegetables.

Abhay Farm is owned and run by Naveen and Veena, a couple with strong commitment to natural farming, sustainable natural living and creating market place for chemical free producers. We have set out to build a food eco-system by creating farmers market, that’s better for consumers, better for farmers, and better for the planet.

Our ultimate objective is to Growing poison-free fruits, vegetables and other non fruits product for neighborhood by practicing natural farming methods along with some Organic fertilizers and manures like compost, vermicompost, cow dung manure, Waste decomposer etc. We also have group of 18 natural farmers who are managing 90 acres of land will also join the hand for serving healthy food and avoiding middleman’s and transportation cost in supply chain by establishing weekly farmers market in various location in Bangalore and other major cities in Karnataka.

Farmers Market

Our farmers are our anna daata (bread givers). Without food we do not exist and hence without farmers we shall cease to exist as well.
In the recent times it has become more necessary for us to personally know the ones who produce our food and avoid the supply chain as much as possible. In the name of urbanization, farmlands are vanishing at the same time demand for food is going high day by day! So to meet the demand, the unnatural farming practices are followed largely which puts our lives at risk. Consumers go clueless about where their food comes from and what happens in the background. Here comes the idea of ‘Farmers market’ which strives for the health of consumer and even earth! Farmers market gives you that space to connect and purchase from your food from the producers themselves. Buyer can interact directly with the producer or grower, give feedback and get back the response immediately. It is a stage to build connections that create a sense of community through interactions, collaborations and engagements. It is a step towards ‘sustainability’ and ‘green’ campaign where we like minded people jointly work to carry our ancestors’ best farming practices to our future.


1. Our vision is to provide pure and natural organic produce directly from our farm to our customers at an affordable cost, delivered to your central community location and educating farmers and buyers with farm visit/ workshops.
2.Establishing a direct connect from farm to community by starting Farmers Market in and around Bangalore.
3. Rural development of villages around Mysore by 2022 with agri-waste, agri storage, agri by products and value added products creation to increases rural employment and brining some CSR activities to our villages.

Online platforms of our partners

Our products are available in the below online platforms


Farmizen.com aims to to contribute towards better farming practices, healthier food to consumers and much required financial and morale booster to farmers.


Farmers online market in Bengaluru. Fresh vegetables and fruits delivered directly from farm, sold directly by farmers.

House of Prakriti

House Of Prakriti (HoP) is an online store working with intention of providing naturally grown food products to the consumers.